WWF Switzerland & Ennovent: Finding Crowdsourced Solutions to Preserve Tropical Forests

28 JUL 2012

WWF Switzerland is committed to conserve the world’s tropical forests to help preserve the world’s wealth of biodiversity for the world’s people. On behalf of WWF Switzerland, Ennovent is managing the Tropical Forest Challenge to help identify innovative for-profit enterprises that have a positive impact on tropical diversity. Three winners will be rewarded with:

Global visibility: high-quality publication, online promotion
Network opportunities: introductions to investors, passes to high-profile events
Capacity building: access to renowned experts, training courses

The first person to nominate one of the winners, will receive a cash price of EUR 1,000 each.

Although tropical forests cover only a small part of the earth’s land surface, they are important centres of biodiversity and ecosystem services. They maintain biological diversity, regulate the global climate, and provide forest products such as medicinal plants, herbs and fruits that are critical for the survival of local communities and
mankind in general. Tropical forests, however, are also one of the most threatened ecosystems globally.

For-profit enterprises can complement the valuable work of NGOs and governments to reduce the pressure on tropical forest biodiversity.

WWF Switzerland has, therefore, decided to work with Ennovent to run a global Discover Challenge that finds, selects and showcases the best business idea or enterprises to positively impact tropical forest biodiversity.

For complete details visit the WWF Switzerland Tropical Forest Challenge on Ennovent.com.