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Free seminars exploring:

  • New ways to raise money without banks
  • What type of money your business needs
  • Investment opportunities for the new and established investor
  • The most important government tax scheme: Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme

Enterprise is crucial for Britain's economic revival and it is new business creation that will drive jobs and success for the future. I am determined that everything that can be done is being done to make this country one of the best in the world to start, run and grow a small business.The Right Honourable David Cameron

What is it all about?

It is well known that banks aren't lending; equity is scarce; and traditional investment returns can often be poor. Our aim is to demonstrate that there is another way…

Windows of Opportunity is a series of FREE events to inform entrepreneurs, businesses and investors about the new types of money and new investment opportunities that exist today.

Who is it for?

Our overarching goal is to make sense of the range of investment and funding options for potential or existing investors and entrepreneurs or young businesses.

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Startups
  • Businesses
  • New Investors
  • Established Investors
  • Angel Investors

If you are an entrepreneur, a startup, a new or an established investor you can't afford not to know about this and attend one of these FREE Events!

The major flaw [with SEIS] is that it's been kept a virtual secret. Jeff Lynn, CEO Seedrs

Entrepreneurs will learn

Investors will learn

Dale Murray Business Angel of the Year
  • How to best prepare your business for Angel Investment
  • What she looks for in an investment opportunity
  • How to become an Angel Investor
  • How to be successful in your investments
  • What she looks for in a business before investment
Jeff Lynn CEO & Founder, Seedrs
  • How to raise capital for your startup from friends, family and the crowds
  • How to invest in the shares of startups you choose
Anil Stocker Co-founder & Director at Market Invoice
  • How to take control of your cashflow by turning invoices into cash
Louise Beaumont Sales and Marketing Director at Platform Black
  • How SMEs can secure instant finance
  • Alternatives to lending from the banks
  • How investors can make attractive short term returns