Top 10 Google Adwords Tips from Doug Richard

18 FEB 2011

Google AdWords is the single most effective, trackable, targetable method for putting products and services in front of thousands of people in a matter of hours.  Used wisely it can be a very fast track to a profitable enterprise.

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There are just a few things you need to keep in mind as you begin to use Google AdWords to promote your business:

  1. Use Google AdWords when you have time to track your return on investment in real time.  The cost per click price for an ad can increase dramatically if a competitor starts running ads on your keywords.  If your bid is low, your ads will stop running and your sales will stop.  If your bid is too high, you may find you are spending two or three times what you used to spend per sale. Either event can be catastrophic if you depend on Google AdWords for much of your business
  2. Anyone can click your ad for any reason. Competitors trying to use up your budget and dishonest AdSense publishers do exist.  Use tools like Web Forensics to determine where Google ad clicks originate. Report click fraud to Google when you detect it.
  3. Set a very, very low campaign budget when you first start running ads for your products and services on AdWords. A high cost per click rate paired with a low budget will quickly let you see how many people search for your product and how often they click when you appear at the top of the AdWords listings. In a few hundred clicks you’ll be able to determine which words and which ads result in sales. You can then eliminate the ads and keywords that don’t perform and increase your budget to maximize sales.
  4. Monitor your Click Thru Rate (CTR) but don’t assume a higher rate is a good thing.  If people click on your ad but don’t buy anything, join your mailing list, follow you on Twitter, join your Facebook fan page or do anything else that gives you value, they just cost you money without providing you any benefit at all.
  5. For best results, Capitalize the First Letter of Each Word in your Ad Titles & include the keyword at the start of the ad text if you can.  This steps increase click through rates.
  6. Your ads should promise what customers want.  Fast Junk Removal, 24 Hour Plumber, Cheap Landscaping are good headlines for ads.  What You Need to Know is a bad ad headline because it promises no concrete value. People won’t click on it and if they do it will be from curiosity, not because they want to buy something.
  7. Make full use of the space in your Ad. You enter two lines of text but it may actually be displayed as one. Very short ads get fewer clicks.
  8. Do not use www. at the start of the URL displayed at the bottom of the ad. Attempt to include the user’s keyword after the URL instead (eg:
  9. Make sure the page people see after they click has the same message as the ad they clicked on.  If they click on an ad called “Fast Weight Loss” that should be the first text they see on the page they land on.  You will need multiple landing pages if you run multiple Google ads.
  10. If you get a keyword and ad combination that’s really effective at selling your products and services, use search engine optimization techniques to put your page at the top of the Google search page for those terms.  If Google lists your website at the top of its search page organically, you can expect to get up to 40% of the clicks on the page.

Google AdWords can be one of your fastest and easiest methods for reaching customers who are ready to buy what you sell if you follow the tips in this article.  Used correctly, it is the easiest way for most products and services to find a big market fast.

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