Tammy Kahn Fennell Co-Founder of the Social Media Monitoring & Marketing Dashboard MarketMeSuite

23 MAY 2011

After seeing a big gap in Social Media Marketing tools, Tammy Kahn Fennell started Pie Dog Media with Alan Hamlyn and together they launched their popular subscription-only social media marketing & monitoring dashboard, MarketMeSuite. This is a great tool for small businesses looking for a way to proactively market their businesses online.

MarketMeSuite Cofounders Alan Hamlyn & Tammy Kahn FennellThere are lots of Social Media Marketing tools on the market, but MarketMeSuite seems different. Can you tell me what sets it apart?

MarketMeSuite is different. While there’s a lot of Social Media tools on the market, there’s actually not very many Social Media Marketing Tools. We built MarketMeSuite as a pro-active tool. One that lets you get out there, start conversations, and actually convert social media leads into paying customers.

While we do have a very robust management system, analytics, follow/unfollow, scheduling and RSS posting, the entire ‘suite’ actually started with our Geo-Targeted reply campaign module, encouraging users to get out there and start targeted conversations with the right people.

Can you tell me which social media sites you support?

We currently support Twitter and Facebook, but we also have Ping.fm integration so you can post to Linkedin using that our by enabling “Twitter Status Updates” in your Linkedin profile. We plan on adding an entire Linkedin module soon.

Other integrations are with Klout (to measure your social influence), Zendesk for CRM, Bit.ly, Google Analytics and Peer Index coming soon (another influence measurement).

How long has the company been in business?

We have been in business for just over a year and a half, but MarketMeSuite has been out since February of 2010. I can always remember how long we’ve been in business because we formed just around the time I gave birth to my son, James! (My business partner was crazy enough to go into business with a pregnant woman!)

What made you decide to start it?

Like all great ideas, it was kind of started by accident. I was doing some consulting work in marketing for a particular website, and Alan (my co-founder) was the web designer for the project. We got to talking and I was telling him how I was using Twitter to get leads for my other business (at the time I ran an ecommerce business selling antiques and collectibles). I offered to show him my strategy for bringing in targeted leads, and he said “Wow, we have to build something for other small businesses to take advantage of this, there’s such a need in the market.” A few months later the prototype was built and we launched in early 2010.

What would you tell people about the use of social media in marketing?

The best conversions come from using it organically. That doesn’t mean you can’t use tools like MarketMeSuite to help you along the way – afterall, most business owners are busy people! If you can cut through the clutter and take advantage of targeted interactions, and then properly follow up on those conversations, you can convert a following into a very solid paying customer base.

Where can readers learn more about MarketMeSuite?

Just visit www.MarketMeSuite.com.

  1. So glad to be featured here! If anyone has any questions please don’t hesitate to ask! @MarketMeSuite (http://twitter.com/MarketMeSuite)