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Terminating or Dissolving Business Relationships

by Nancy Fulton

Most new business owners have difficulty knowing when and how to terminate business relationships that have proven to be non-functional or outlived their usefulness.  They worry about when such a termination might result in:

a lawsuit, a bad reputation in their business community, a loss of business contacts, a contractor becoming a competitor, or exposure of private business information to the world at large.

There are certainly reasons to be concerned.  Someone who has worked with you as a contractor or...


Protecting Your Ideas and Work

by Steve Kim, School for Startups Business Mentor

If you’re wondering about how to protect your business idea legally, or if it’s protect-able at all (e.g., with a patent, trademark or copyright), seeing a qualified lawyer is the safest route. While we are not lawyers (and this article does not constitute legal advice), we can suggest a few things to consider to protect your idea.

Nondisclosure agreements: You can always ask people to sign an NDA before you present your idea. Please...