1 Pay Per Click Advertising on LinkedIn

Because the LinkedIn community is all business all the time, it's great place to run Pay Per Click ads targeted at C-level decisionmakers.


2 5 WordPress Plugins for Startup Search Engine & Social Media Marketing

5 free WordPress plugins that will help you market your startup more quickly and cost effectively online. They will take most people under two hours to install and configure. The benefits will be apparent to most website owners within one day.


3 FIVERR: What Can You Get Done for $5?

School for Startups frequently recommends entrepreneurs consider Elance and Guru when they need to hire skilled labor. Fiverr.comis another resource that entrepreneurs should consider when looking for labor to do odd jobs.

Fiverr lists hundreds of tasks, called “gigs”, that people are willing to do for $5. Some of the offers are silly but most are quite useful in the right context. For example, you can find professional voice actors who will record new audio clips based on your script, graphic...


4 WWF Switzerland & Ennovent: Finding Crowdsourced Solutions to Preserve Tropical Forests

WWF Switzerland is committed to conserve the world’s tropical forests to help preserve the world’s wealth of biodiversity for the world’s people. On behalf of WWF Switzerland, Ennovent is managing the Tropical Forest Challenge to help identify innovative for-profit enterprises that have a positive impact on tropical diversity. Three winners will be rewarded with:

Global visibility: high-quality publication, online promotion Network opportunities: introductions to investors, passes to high-profile events Capacity building: access to renowned experts, training courses

The first person to nominate one of...


5 Doug Richard to Instruct & Mentor UK Writers, Artists, Filmmakers & Other Creative Professionals for 1 Year

Doug Richard, serial entrepreneur and angel investor delivering his aggressive one-year training & mentoring program for creative professionals called School for Creative Startups.

The aim of the program is to teach the critical skills that new creative businesses must have to survive and prosper, and to provide them with monthly mentoring to support them as their businesses take root and grow. Graduates from last year’s program have already seen national attention and financial success.

Complete details about the program can be found...


6 Using MechanicalTurk to Gather Sales Leads, Competitor Data & Other Information Quickly & Cost Effectively

If you need to gather a lot of data very quickly and only have a few dollars to spend, check out MechanicalTurk.  You can hire an army in a matter of minutes to find out almost anything you need to know.

What is MechanicalTurk?

MechanicalTurk is an Amazon service that lets you pay people tiny amounts of money to do very simple things. Correctly used, MechanicalTurk is like the world’s smartest and easiest to program computer. You can divide up a complex...


7 Will your new business succeed? Here’s how to find out…

Doug Richard is fond of saying, “All businesses are not created equal”. One of the reasons he founded School for Startups was to help new business owners learn how to evaluate business opportunities the way investors do.

Entrepreneurs put time, energy and money into every business they start, and they give up the opportunity to put those assets in other businesses. So choosing a business to start is a crucial decision. Starting the wrong business will cost you both time and...


8 How to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Startup Quickly & Cost Effectively, a site where business people can talk business to other business people safely.


9 Advice to Startups from Techcrunch: Make an Explainer Video

Two years ago, Jason Kincaid wrote a short but influential post titled “The Underutilized Power Of The Video Demo To Explain What The Hell You Actually Do.” He said:

During my time at TechCrunch I’ve seen thousands of startups and written about hundreds of them. I sure as hell don’t know all the secrets to building a successful company, but there are a few things I’ve seen that seem like surefire ways to ever-so-slightly grease the road to success. Here’s an...


10 Huddlebuy and Make It Cheaper launch ‘The Great Business Power Cut’

UK small businesses are overpaying for their energy bills to the tune of £2.5bn according to new figures released today. These figures comprise £1bn on gas bills and £1.5bn on electricity bills.

Small businesses should be saving £2,500 on average a year on their energy bills – more than 30% of a typical annual bill. Many businesses stuck on uncompetitive tariffs could be saving up to 70% on their energy costs.

In response,, the daily deals site for small businesses, and...