Results of the Judgement Day Poll as featured in the Sunday Telegraph

03 MAY 2010

The Judgement Day Poll was conducted in participation with the UK’s leading small business and entrepreneur websites including,, j4b, ,,, Real Business and VentureNavigator.

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Below is the full press release:


Labour years wasted with 56% of businesses claiming conditions worse than 1997

May 3rd, 2010 — LONDON: UK entrepreneurs and small business leaders are set to back the Tories on May 6th with over 43% polled wanting a Conservative government to sort out economic woes.

The School for Startups Judgement Day Poll surveyed the views of 250 entrepreneurs and small business owners who cast severe doubt on the state of Britain’s economic recovery. 70% of those polled claiming that the economy was ‘maybe’ or ‘definitely’ broken.

56% of those surveyed feel business conditions are worse now than when Labour came to power and less than 10% of respondents trust Labour to support Britain’s small business community.

Key highlights of the poll include:

·      ECONOMIC GROWTH: 60% of respondents called for tax cuts to be high on the next government’s agenda.

·      BUSINESS LINK TO GO: 68% called for Business Link to be scrapped

·      NI RISE IS DAMAGING: 47% claimed that the proposed effects of the rises in national insurance would limit the recruitment and lead to redundancies

·      TECH INVESTMENT: Superfast broadband rollout (100MB/sec) is the number one business priority followed closely by a call for less regulation

However, business gave all the leaders the thumbs down when asked to consider Cameron, Clegg and Brown as potential recruits for jobs in their businesses. Nearly a third of those polled said that they wouldn’t personally hire any of the three main party leaders but following on from successful performances in the leader’s debates, Clegg lead the way as the choice candidate for 31% of those polled. 26% would hire Cameron.

Commenting on the Judgement Day Poll, Doug Richard, the former BBC TV Dragon and founder of School for Startups said:

“This poll demonstrates that entrepreneurs want change and they want it now. There is a lot of concern in the small business community about the prospects for growth. The call here is for a wholesale rethink on business policy to ensure that the UK does not get left behind.”

The poll will be debated on May 5 at the Royal Institution with a panel of small business experts from School for Startups and the above organisations.