School for Startups Wales is a series of one day bootcamps across Wales for small businesses that want to grow their business fast online. Led by Doug Richard, this FREE practical class immerses you in the strategies, tools and techniques required to find customers via the Internet and manage your business more effectively using web-based tools and solutions.

Every business, whether it’s a brand new startup, an established enterprise or a small business seeking to grow, needs to know how to establish an identity across the web, build a brand through social media, mass media and search engine marketing, find customers through pay per click and viral media marketing, and build a website that truly closes sales. Every company needs to leverage the Internet to run their business more efficiently and more cost effectively.

Every entrepreneur benefits from acquiring new skills and networking with other business owners in their region. This fast-paced highly-effective full day course delivers just what you need to make your business more profitable.

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This programme has been sponsored by the Welsh Government.



  • Doug is a tremendously inspirational speaker, lovely clarity of thought & delivery. Great to be part of that group and a lot of value in moving the group forward together. Huge resource there
    Rob Partington

  • The enthusiasm of the presenters and the scope of their knowledge, coupled with their ability to relay it clearly and concisely in a format that I could understand
    Will Currie

  • The same thing I always like about Doug and School for Startups events, useful, straight talking, practical application on delegates businesses, outstandingly slick organisation!
    Lynda Harvey

  • School for Startups did an astounding job in blowing away the smoke, mirrors and black magic that I thought web marketing was all about!
    Mark Straiton

  • The general overall aspect of sitting in a room of 300 other real business people with real business problems and getting real solutions.
    Rob Miles

  • I thought the event was really helpful for start ups and existing businesses, the advice was excellent, a lot to take in but was well worth spending the 2 days listening to Doug and his team.
    Gary Daly