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Universities represent the single largest public expenditure on spurring the innovation, research and intellectual property development most nations make. However, without a supporting investment in teaching researchers, faculty and students how to port their work into practical applications used in the real world much of the wealth created is lost.

Doug Richard’s Enterprising Academic programme is currently providing a series of courses in accelerated technology transfer throughout the UK. Current programs are being delivered in concert with the University of Central Lancashire, The University of Plymouth, University of Hertfordshire, Coventry University, University of Nottingham, address topics ranging from licensing and proof of concept to fundraising.

These “bootcamps” are designed to give academics exactly the underpinning they need to understand the substantial benefits that accrue to them personally when they license intellectual property to organizations outside the university, as well as the mechanics of launching spin out businesses, serving as technical trainers to teams working at the leading edge of an industry, to sharing raw data with businesses on a contractual basis.

Entrepreneurs engineer businesses that create real wealth in communities and nations worldwide. When academics are astute and active participants in technology transfer into global business society, they become a leading force in economic development.

Sponsors include BIS: Department for Business Innovation & Skills, National Council for Graduate Entrepreneurship and The Technology Strategy Board.


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19 February

The Rise of the Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs across the country are playing a vital role in driving the UK’s economic recovery. Out of the mess caused by the worst financial crisis in living memory, Britain has found itself a new identity as the land of the startup.

We have a fantastic tradition as an island full of creativity and invention. From the worldwide web and steam engine to cement, the telephone and television, few places in the world can compete on a similar scale. Not bad for...



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