Mentoring Club

Actively fostered and supported by Doug Richard, who has helped entrepreneurs launch hundreds of businesses as a serial entrepreneur, investor and proactive mentor, the Mentoring Club is both a service and a business network of carefully selected leaders.

Members of the program will benefit from:

  • A Twice Monthly Morning Conference held over Live Learning.  This interactive online resource allows the group to network in high definition sound and video across the web.  Busy entrepreneurs rarely have time to attend remote events, and yet they benefit greatly from ongoing and regular networking with those who understand and share their perspective and many of their concerns.
  • A Twice Monthly Podcast podcast covering the issues and questions not covered in the live session.  The podcast will be authored by Doug Richard with guest experts as required by the subjects addressed.
  • A Quarterly Conference.  Once per quarter the Mentoring Club will cost a live closed event in London. The event will be livestreamed with livelearning enabled for those who cannot attend.  The conference will focus on one business critical theme and will active learning based. Members will engage in an immersive learning experience to bring them up date on new tools, techniques, and methodologies.  Topics like high value sales, product design and development, marketing and branding, truly effective viral marketing and cost effective mass media communications will be addressed. The objective will be to arm company directors with core skills they need to help their business grow.

We are currently identifying a very limited number of companies to serve as founding members of the club. We’ve set a hard limit of under 100 companies. Pre-registration for the program has begun and a waiting list will be created to replace members who drop out and to fill spaces as the program is slowly expanded. No ongoing commitment will be required of members, but those who drop out will lose their space to someone on the waiting list. To be admitted again they must rejoin the waiting list.

If you are interested in joining Doug Richard’s Mentoring Club, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch shortly with more information.

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