Mass Media Starts & Ends At Your Website

20 AUG 2010

As we enter the second decade of the twenty-first century, marketing takes many forms.  Companies reach out to networks of people online through social media.  They communicate with communities through public relations. They reach out to individuals searching for solutions online through search engine optimization and search engine marketing.  But, if you have the budget and the time, the best marketing of all is still mass media marketing.

Newspapers and magazine editors, radio and television producers, communicate with hundreds of millions of people every day.  While the competition is fierce to gain this information market’s attention, it’s hunger for new news, insight and information is inexhaustible.  When the mass media adopts a story and begins to propagate it, it can deliver hundreds of millions of eyes in a matter of days.

These days, an effective, evocative website is one of the most important tools you can use in selling writers, editors, producers and reporters on the importance of your story.  Your website will be the first place they will look for more information about you and your business after initial contact.  They will look there for facts to check and leads to follow on whatever story they plan to write.  Once they make their article or program about you available to the world, the traffic they generate will come back to your website.  If your site is ready to sell what thousands, or millions, may be able to buy, mass media can serve as the most effective sales engine imaginable.

When Apple releases a new iPhone or Google produces a new Android, marketing professionals ensure their website provides:

  • Information on the product
  • Information on any tools or applications that work with it
  • Some information about the product’s development and production
  • Instructions on where and how to buy the product
  • Trackable links so that every customer can be tracked back to their media source
  • Information about the business
  • Links to press contacts in the marketing department

Providing this information succinctly, attractively and in a form editors and producers can use makes it easy for them to write their articles with little or no help. The easier it is to write an article, the quicker it gets published.

Every enterprise needs a website that the mass media can use to tell the world about the business.