Lower Your Energy Bills This Winter: 5 Steps to Take Now

10 OCT 2011

As recently reported in the Guardian, the UK’s addiction to gadgets is translating into higher emissions and higher energy bills. While the Guardian was addressing costs in the home, the truth is that businesses the UK are falling prey to the same higher costs.

More computer screens, more tablets, more phones…every device you plug in comes with a cost that goes beyond the purchase price. Use the following checklist to make sure you’re doing your part to conserve energy and to keep your own costs low.

  • By this time all your lighting fixtures should be CFL or LED. LED lights are more expensive than CFL lights, but they last longer and they use far less energy and they last, on average, five times longer. They cost less electricity to run, they don’t use mercury which means they have a smaller impact on the environment over time and they have less sensitively to low temperatures and high humidity.¬† Want to learn more? Check this out.
  • Always turn off unnecessary lights when you leave the office, and use daylight illumination as often as possible through out the day.
  • Use task lighting, rather than room illumination, whenever possible. Don’t light an entire floor when you work late, light your cubicle or a conference room instead.
  • Turn off computers and monitors at the end of each workday, and actually unplug equipment when you can. Turn off and/or unplug your photocopiers, printers and other standby devices at night when they are not being used. Unplug power cables used for charging phones and tablets when they are not in use. These items¬† waste a great deal of electricity day in and day out.
  • Contact Make it Cheaper to confirm you are getting the best rate possible and that your current electricity contract isn’t locking you into the highest possible rates. Failure to do this as soon as possible could mean you see your costs double within the next couple of months.

Taking these steps now will save your business money, conserve scarce resources and help keep the planet greener.