Low Cost Fast Growth Marketing Roundup

01 MAR 2010

Last Thursday afternoon, University College London’s Centre for Entrepreneurship and business interaction, UCL Advances, welcomed the School for Startups team, led by Doug. The topic of the day was Low Cost Fast Growth Marketing and entrepreneurs from both UCL and from around the UK, braved the London weather to attend our event. The aim was to expand their knowledge and toss ideas across the table about how to improve their marketing both on the web and offline.

The plush surroundings of the executive suite at UCL’s Engineering Front Building was the perfect place for an intimate chat about the latest changes in social media, PR, blogging, video and developments in SEO. This event was also a pilot for a series of regular S4Stv events our team are currently busy planning away.

Among the variety of budding entrepreneurs brimming with clever business ideas were charities, travel innovators, business trainers, videographers, renewable energy processors and clothing makers.

First up to introduce his company was Chester Mojay-Sinclare. Chester’s business, Alive and Giving is a comparison site for charities. Its aim is to empower people to donate knowledgeably and overcome one of the more modern phenomenons known as ‘chugging’ or charity mugging. By giving us more knowledge about how various charities compare, Chester believes we will be more inclined to donate and go on to help these causes. Chester raised some interesting discussion points with Doug, including how charities can get exposure on the web, and what incentives they can provide.

With holiday season just a couple of months away, one entrepreneur all set to capitalise on travel is Sally Broom. Sally has been promoting her unique creation aimed at holiday goers called Tripbod. The site lets anyone who is planning a trip, to hire locals as guides, full of useful and unique knowledge about their destination. The rates of hire are highly affordable compared to a typical travel broker and through the guides, travellers can get to explore parts of a country they never would otherwise be exposed to. Sally gave a perfect pitch for our S4Stv audience and her discussion with Doug highlighted numerous tips on how to access her audience and drive people to the site.

Rounding up the live event, were two UCL engineering innovators. The first Dr. Charlie Dunnill, explained how his company, H2-NRG has developed a way of storing renewable energy in the form of H2. Dunnill believes the prototype has applications in domestic power such as heating, but is also keen to explore how his idea could be further developed to apply to large scale energy storage and deployment.

The second UCL innovator was Dr. Brad Backus, of Audio3 who has designed and manufactured a clever device that capitalises on new regulations that apply to those exposed to loud sounds at work. The device called soundBADGE gives users a visual indicator of the duration and intensity of sounds accumulated throughout the day. It’s used by factory workers, people who work in clubs and bars as well as performing musicians, to protect their hearing in these types of environments.

Doug was especially on form during the evening S4Stv broadcast, wearing a specially created cardigan from Amanda Ruiz of Peruvian Knitwear, who commented that her sales have increased since becoming a regular attendee at S4S events. Attendees commented that the afternoon delivered lots of useful tips and insights into low cost marketing routes with plenty of take home messages for the day.

You can see these all of these entrepreneur’s pitches and their discussions with Doug on our S4Stv stream being uploaded to our site very shortly.

We hope to see you at our next event and of course online with S4Stv. To discuss this event and message fellow entrepreneurs, register here and head to our forums.

  1. Wish I had known about it…

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  2. This lecture was extremely useful, and as always packed full of very low cost (or rather NO COST)ideas on how to get better SEO and PR. Thank you so much, and I will be spreading the word to other startups. Amanda
    PS see Doug in his bespoke alpaca jumper here: http://tweetphoto.com/12848938

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