Looking for Loans, Grants or Investors? Check Out BusinessFunding.co.uk

20 SEP 2011

BusinessFunding.co.uk tracks more than 1000 funding sources, ranging from banks and investor networks to grants and venture capital funds. It also provides a very in-depth list of Public sector funding sources which includes funding that originates from the UK government, devolved governments, regional and local government (i.e. Regional Development Agencies, Local Authorities and County Councils) as well as some funding from the European Union.

In recent months, as more and more funding sources disappear, it has become more and more difficult for startups and small businesses to find the money they need to grow. To meet this need, BusinessFunding.co.uk has created a continuously updated index of capital sources for businesses of every size in every industry.

Dr Stephen Bence, Founder and Director of BusinessFunding.co.uk, says: “We were often being asked to compile lists of properly-qualified funding sources for a particular project or company. We found these tasks incredibly time-consuming because the information could not be found in one place – not to mention the complexity of the funders’ eligibility criteria. This is our solution to that problem: a comprehensive and detailed database of funding sources coupled with an easy-to-use online tool to help direct businesses towards the sources of funding and finance that are most suitable for them.”

Launch partners for BusinessFunding.co.uk include: Baker Noel Chartered Accountants, the legal firm Vincent Sykes & Higham, the Public Relations firm Presswire and the digital search agency Red or Blue.

For more information about the service, visit BusinessFunding.co.uk.