I Have to Show You: Tubemogul Rapid Deployment of Video Across the Internet

02 APR 2010

Online video can be a great way to tell customers about some products and services. Incorporating video presentations into your website gives every visitor a quick way to learn about your business and to get some understanding of what you sell. More in-depth videos can provide demonstrations, step by step instructions, and technical support that increase customer satisfaction.

Many websites, such as YouTube.com and Revver.com let you post videos that others can watch and rate. When videos are interesting, well made, correctly identified and accurately keyworded, they are usually highly rated which helps them get seen more frequently.

Tubemogul is a free web service that you can use to upload your web clips to twenty or more websites.

To use Tubemogul:

  • Create a video clip that is 720×480 or under. Make sure it is under 10 minutes long and under 100MB in size.
  • Create an account at www.tubemogul.com. Upload your video and provide a description of it.
  • Enter your userids and passwords for all 20+ sites. If you have not yet created these accounts, you must do so before you use Tubemogul.
  • Create and post additional clips as required.

Without Tubemogul, uploading a single video to more than twenty sites can take the better part of a day. You will find that Tubemogul makes the process take about half an hour.

Your videos will always receive a better response if the title, keyword and descriptions are accurate, and if the quality of the video is very good. Videos that are little more than thinly disguised product pitches fare badly. Interviews, how-to presentations, humorous incidents and quick tips work best. Make sure your web-address appears in every video you post.