"How to Web" Conference in Romania

18 JUL 2011

Bogdan Iordache: How to Web in RomaniaBogdan Ioradache in Romania has launched a new web conference for entrepreneurs in Romania called How to Web. We interviewed Bodgan to learn more about the conference and how it can help those who attend.

Question: What is How to Web? How do people register to attend?

How to Web is a great conference taking place in Bucharest, Romania, focused on web entrepreneurship and web trends. The content is especially tailored for Eastern European web profesionals and includes rich-content presentations, analysis and workshops specific to the region, along with talks about the hotests web, mobile and social media trends. People can register on the website, at www.how-to-web.net.

Note: In Eastern Europe there are no low-cost flights, so we have included a special transportation program which includes free bus service from Timisoara, Cluj, Iasi, Belgrade and Sofia for all How to Web attendees.

Question: What made you decide to create How to Web?

Easten Europeans are very good on the tech side, but we need more knowledge regarding the business side of web enterprise. We also need a more global vision of the web. This is why we’ve started How to Web. We want to connect the knowledge, the inspiration and the key-people of Western European web professinals to their Eastern European peers.

Question: How do you think How to Web will benefit people?

We’re bringing dozens of people from Western Europe and US who are interested in doing business with Eastern European entrepreneurs, business professionals and developers.

These guests can become investors, clients, partners, advisors or even employers for those who attend the conference. So, beside the knowledge gained and the awesome networking experience, we hope the event will foster business relationships of many kinds.

Question: Who should attend?

Entrepreneurs, web business people or developers interested in developing their own products should attend. However we also welcome some ostudents, IT&C professionals and others interested in finding more about how to do business online.

Question: What’s your background in online business?

I’ve am myself an online entrepreneur running an email marketing service called Conectoo. I’ve started How to Web mostly because I understand the challenges Eastern European entrepreneurs have to face and want to provide valuable help.

Question: If people have questions, how can they contact you?

That’s the simplest thing of all. If you have any questions, drop an email to bogdan.iordache@wembrio.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.