How can we train ourselves to see business opportunities? –Ross

17 NOV 2010

Finding Business OpportunitiesQ: You touched on how gaps in the market are thrown at us every day, but we rarely are set up to spot them. Are you able to expand on this a little? How do we train ourselves to see new business opportunities?  – Ross

Doug replies:

What I love about entrepreneurs is they see problems as opportunities. Spotting the gaps in the world that need filling is pretty easy really.

Look for what’s wrong and start thinking of ways to fix it.  If you never have food in the house because you never have time to go shopping, chances are you’d pay a bit of a premium for a business that would just deliver groceries the way other businesses deliver pizza. If you’re tired of having your family descend on your house every Christmas, so you get stuck doing all the cooking and cleaning, chances are you know what someone wants in a “Self-Catered Christmas Get Away” junket that you could tell your family to join you on instead.

Every problem is a business waiting to happen . . .  Deciding which business you care enough to design and build well is always the tricky thing.

  1. Short but very inspiring post. Great business is not always a kind of rocket science. It is about simple things which will make peoples’ lives easier.