An Entrepreneur's Guide to Getting High Value Products & Services in Front of Key Individuals in Large Companies

20 JAN 2011

Finding Business OpportunitiesThe first step in selling high value/high cost products and services to large businesses has nothing to do with actually contacting anyone.  It has to do with getting your business, website and search engine marketing in place so when you have a successful meeting, these elements don’t unsell your prospects.

  • Make sure you know what your business promises.
  • Make sure everything is in place to deliver on your promise.
  • Ensure  website makes it clear you know what your customers want and that you can deliver it.  Your articles, blog, and sales pitches have to speak directly to the customers most immediate needs and concerns. This indicates you know your target market very, very, very well.
  • Ensure your search engine marketing puts your website at the top of any Google search for your company name, and that searches for your company name don’t also result in complaints or tirades by angry customers.
  • Ensure searches for your name come up with complementary information as well.

All this matters because everyone Googles everyone these days.  If you have “skeletons” in your closet rest assured that any reasonable search of the Internet will reveal them.  The larger the deal is, the more due diligence you’ll face.  For more information on accomplishing all these objectives, check out our Entrepreneur Guides.

Now let’s move on to lead development . . .

If you have a good product or service, it sells itself to its target market.  That is critical to understand.  If you are making a reasonable, well substantiated,  pitch for a great product or service, you’ll hardly be able to finish it before a decision maker is asking for a pen and something to sign.

Why? Because if the product or service is something folks really need. They just need to know it exists in order to decide to buy it.

If you tell the management of an electrical power company that you have come up with a cold fusion reactor, and give them proof that’s the case, they will order as many as they can afford.  It is a product they have been waiting for.

Make sure your product is “cold fusion” for your target market.

If it is, and you are already selling to these customers, selling your product or service will be easy. Just give them a friendly call to see if all is well. They’ll tell you how happy they are. You’ll ask if they know anyone who might be interested in what you have to sell.  If your product really is designed to meet their needs, they should be willing to place an order.

If you are a start up, or are new to selling a particular product or service, you won’t have that first round of happy customers. This means you will need to find folks to sell to.

To achieve this:

  • Give your friends in your industry a heads up that you’re doing something new. Email them, tell them what you are doing, and what your company does.  Tell them how happy you are to be running this great new enterprise because the product or service is so great.  See if anyone comes back with leads. While you are at it,  make a point of finding out where everyone you like to work with is working these days.  That way you can throw them business in the months and years ahead.  That’s just good sense. If the folks you like get ahead you have a better chance of getting to work with well funded, more compatible, people in the future.
  • Make a list of twenty people who buy products or services that compete with what you want to sell. Contact them through LinkedIn, or by cold calling them on the phone if you prefer.  If you can’t get directly to the decision maker, speak to their assistant, tell them what you have to offer, and let them know where you can be found.  If your product or service is “cold fusion” for that company you’ll get a call back.  Do make sure you are easy to reach because no one really enjoys playing phone tag with someone who is supposed to be trying to sell something.
  • Start speaking as an expert at events your decision makers attend.  This requires finding out what events they like to go to and who organizes them. It probably involves attending them as a guest before you can play a more important role. These events can be charitable, social or business oriented. Your first and most important objective at these events is to develop a collaborative relationship with potential customers and industry partners. Once that foundation of trust and mutual satisfaction exists, you can move on to talking about the big ticket solutions you can provide them.

These are just a few of the ways you can start finding customers for a good high value product or service. There’s no solution that works well for everyone except making new friends in the right industry every day. This is one reason why the most effective sales professionals and business leaders you know tend to be some of the friendliest, smartest and hardest working folks you’ve ever worked with.