Featured Entrepreneur: Kevin Matthew

15 MAR 2010

FFF are an organisation that provide accessible and affordable mind and body programmes to all age groups.

Our extremely successful programmes were developed in 2005 as a result of research conducted on various populations of people, with the sole aim of improving the quality of life people experience.

We hope you will agree that our programmes lead the way as the most innovative and impact driven programmes that are out there today!

Thanks to the backing of our partners in the public and private sector our programmes are reaching more and more people and are continually expanding.

If you wish to know more, whether you are a parent, child, health professional or potential partner (funding or delivery), please contact us by email or phone to speak to one of our professionals.

Our FFF programmes cater for all age groups and address the issues of increased obesity and mental health. We work in schools, colleges, hospitals and local facilities and with many professional bodies including the National Health Service (NHS) and Primary Care Trusts (PCT).