Elance: Skilled Labour at a Price You Can Afford

06 JUL 2010

Elance is a site where freelancers and those who need to hire them can connect and conduct business online.  The process is simple:

  1. Employers post a job description.
  2. Freelancers bid on the project.
  3. Employers review bids.
  4. They award the project
  5. Employeers and Freelancers agree to milestones and partial payments.
  6. Employers fund an escrow account.
  7. When milestones are hit, payments are awarded.
  8. When the process is complete, one or both parties can rate the other.

Elance has tens of thousands of freelancers online. Writers, attorneys, viral marketing specialists, programmers, website developers, engineers, etc.  There’s almost no professional expertise not represented on Elance.  Furthermore, workers come from all over the world. Many are in the UK, but if your marketing project requires someone located in the UK or Tokyo you can find them on Elance.

The Elance escrow and reviewing protocols are excellent in ensuring that almost everyone on the site behaves in a professional fashion.

In reviewing the providers on the site, its startling to see that some are in the mid six figures.  Apparently even some larger businesses appreciate the clarity of the Elance business model.    The process is much faster than finding freelances through most sites.

Check out Elance on www.elance.com.

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