Doug Richard to Instruct & Mentor UK Writers, Artists, Filmmakers & Other Creative Professionals for 1 Year

24 JUN 2012

Doug Richard's School for Creative StartupsDoug Richard, serial entrepreneur and angel investor delivering his aggressive one-year training & mentoring program for creative professionals called School for Creative Startups.

The aim of the program is to teach the critical skills that new creative businesses must have to survive and prosper, and to provide them with monthly mentoring to support them as their businesses take root and grow. Graduates from last year’s program have already seen national attention and financial success.

Complete details about the program can be found at

This class is open to writers, fine artists, actors, filmmakers, musicians, architects, graphic designers, landscape designers and anyone who owns, or wants to own, a business based on their ability to work creatively.

Doug Richard, Founder of School for Creative Startups says “We provide accelerated business training that helps entrepreneurs launch more successful startups and run more successful businesses. Our face to face and online instruction covers topics like how to start a business, how to find investors, how to design great products and services, how to implement fast, cost-effective marketing strategies, how to build effective management teams and how to scale a business safely. Our business networking events connect small businesses to create supportive, self-sustaining communities. School for Creative Startups’ overarching mission is to create a vibrant, dynamic culture and economy in the UK that supports and promotes innovation and entrepreneurialism. Our aim is to increase the number of creative small businesses in the UK and provide them with access to world class business advice to help them succeed.”

Doug Richard will once again be teaching this one year course in concert with Medeia Cohan-Petrolino who joined School for Creative Startups following a 5.5 year stint as Head Curator at The University of the Arts London where she ran the University’s unique Emerging Artist Programme. Through this innovative scheme, Medeia programmed and curated an eclectic variety of exhibitions in the University’s Arts Gallery, managed the University’s 700 plus piece collection, advised some of the UK’s top collectors through the Artist and Collectors Exchange and ran the University’s annual best of the degree show exhibition, Future Map.

Medeia’s role at the University allowed her to keep her fingers on the pulse of the rising stars of the emerging art and design scene in London and allowed her to support over 200 alumni artists per year in a variety of ways. Prior to joining the University, Medeia worked for the Museum of Contemporary Art of Massachusetts, The Berkshire Museum, The South Bank Centre and several commercial galleries.

Those interested in enrolling in this unique one year program, which will be delivered in the UK should register by August 14. School for Creative Startups will not be able to accept all applicants. Early registration is encouraged.

Thanks to generous support from the City of Westminster and help from School for Creative Startups partners including PACT, UK Screen, The Bridge, BPI & The Hospital Club.

If you have questions about the course, please email