Clicky Lets You Watch Your Website Visitors in Real Time

24 JAN 2011

Entrepreneur's Will Love Clicky, an Alternative to Google AnalyticsWho are your customers and what do they want?  In order to sell anything through your website you have to make sure that the people that want what you sell can find your site, and you have to make sure that they can find what they want when they get there.

Google Analytics can tell you what people have clicked on, which pages they like, which domains they come from, and what keywords they search on.  Those are all valuable pieces of information.

But Clicky can let you watch clicks as they come in, which is invaluable when you are launching a new campaign and need to ensure that people are doing what you expect them to do.  If every click on a Download Now page is followed by a click on a Help link, you know you have a problem you have to address right away.

Installing Clicky takes seconds if you are using WordPress.  It’s not much more difficult if you are using Drupal or Joomla or coding pages from scratch.

  • In WordPress, click on the Plugins link and install Clicky for WordPress. On it’s configuration page you will see a form that asks for Site ID, Site Key and Admin Site Key.
  • Go to and set up a free account. Add your site to your account by entering it’s URL. View the Clicky Preferences page to get the Site ID, Site Key and Admin Site Key information.
  • Enter these values on the Clicky Settings in WordPress.
  • On the Click Website you will now be able to use the Spy button to watch people surf in real time. You can also view visitor and event logs, referral sources, exit pages, etc.

It takes no time at all to install Clicky, and once you start using it you will find it addictive. You’ll find you use the resource every day, even though Google Analytics provides more information, because it tells you what your site is doing right now, not what it was doing a month, a week or an hour ago.

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  2. First impressions are that it’s a great tool – thanks for letting us know about it Nancy.

    A useful feature is to filter out your own IP address. You can do this by going to Preferences/IP Tags & Filters. There’s an option there to add (ie filter out) your IP address, or to filter out by cookies (if you have a dynamic IP).

    Saves a lot of over-excitement at seeing all the visitors coming in that are really just you checking your own site!

  3. Also should be pointed out that the Spy mode that Nancy mentions above (which is great btw) is part of the premium versions.

    You get it as part of your free trial, but if you want to keep it you need to upgrade, which starts at $4.99/month.