Buy and Sell Web Ads with BuySellAds: An Alternative to Google Ad Solutions

10 AUG 2010

Most of us who have lurked on the Internet for any period of time have become familiar with Google’s suite of advertising tools.  You can buy ads on Google’s search engines, and on websites across the web, using Google Adwords.  You can sell Ad Space on your website using Google Adsense.

These tools are very sophisticated and they are widely used, but they have some serious drawbacks which make them less than ideal for many ad buyers and sellers.

For example:

  • Google Adwords has some serious issues when it comes to the quality of the “display” network.  Assuming that you’ve specified good advertising keywords, ads that display in Google searches are likely to be seen by your target market. But if you elect to run your ads on sites other than Google the chance that your ad will be seen by bone fide members of your target market goes way down.
  • In order to control where your ad is seen you must use the “Managed Placement” feature to eliminate the sites your users would never visit.
  • Once you display your ads somewhere other than Google’s search engine, the chance for “click-fraud” goes way up.  After all, people who own the site you’re running ads on get paid every time someone clicks. When a click can earn upwards of $1 for a website owner . . . the temptation to find a way to encourage fraudulent clicks is very high. Because you can’t always correlate which site is responsible for the fraudulent clicks, you can’t eliminate the occurence of click fraud. You have to trust Google to do it.
  • Google will let you advertise on everything from websites and mobile phones to TV, but the format of ads is rigidly controlled.  This advertising straight jacket can make it very hard to sell anything complex.

Google Adsense isn’t all that great for website publishers either.

  • You can’t actually set your own prices for the space on your page, control the ad formats, or vet the ads before they are displayed.
  • Since, as web publisher, everything that appears on your site is your responsibility, any loss of control is annoying. Bad ads can, and do, damage your relationship with your site visitors. You can block advertisers, but only a limited number.  And if a bad company advertises under another company name or point their ads at another URL, they can appear back on your website again.
  • From a revenue standpoint it is also annoying that Google retains the lion’s share of each click purchased. delivers a straight forward, easy to understand, reliable market for publishers and advertisers to use.  Advertisers pick the sites they want to run ads on.  Publishers can enable and disable advertisers at will, and they set their own prices. Best of all, BuySellAds takes only 25% of the revenue generated by a click, and they cover all costs related to the transaction (including PayPal and Credit Card fees).

Whether  you are someone who publishes a website from which you wish to make money, or an advertiser looking for your customers online, you’ll find that BuySellAds represents a very viable alternative to Google’s ad solutions . . .

Also, nothing precludes you from using both.

Advertisers may decide to run their ads on Google’s search engine, but run all their display ads through BuySellAds. Publishers can run BuySellAds right along Google text ads without violating any agreements.

Check out and see how it compares to Google’s ad solutions.  You’ll be glad you did.

  1. Very interesting… suggestion that AdSense/AdWords might have the odd chink in its armour… ;)

    It’s a point that we think we’ve started to prove on The Guardian’s first foray into the space known as ‘local’.. in their case the cities of Leeds, Edinburgh and Cardiff..

    If Mr Shirky is, indeed, correct to predict the collapse of complex business models, what’s more complex than a simple text ad being pinged from one side of the Atlantic to the other in the hope/expectation that any algorithm can be clever enough to deliver it *exactly* back to where any advertiser wishes to place their ad?

    Third party intervention is soooooo 2000…

    And, having run AdSense off for four long and unrewarding months, to my mind PPC is not the way to go… if I’m there to read my footie, I’m not in the mood to click on an ad…

    Which is why the vast majority of our 145 community publishers are adopting tenancy-based models – be it PPW or PPM – in the sure and certain knowledge that for that week or month they will earn and aren’t beholden to the whims of a click.

    best etc


    • Nancy Fulton Mazur

      Adsense is, for most people, not the best way to monetize a site that is for sure. It works well for some very large publishers, but I think their relationship with Google, and what they receive for their participation, may be significantly different from the average Adsense participant.

  2. Buysellads is a great site and has tons of great online ads for all budgets. We also sell online and outdoor ad spaces at in a different way, but all spaces are again suited to meet the budget of small and start-up businesses. Great to see so many new businesses starting with the same idea to help the smaller players.

  3. Adclays [] is a new entrant into the industry and has the lowest fee of 15% presently. Publishers are given total control of their ad space and are able to use CPM or tenancy pricing. We are in beta presently and offer it to users for free during this period.

  4. Very competitive industry at the moment.

    I am currently selling my ads through

    Has worked really well for me so far.

  5. yes definatly buysellads is one of the best adsense alternative if you have decent traffic .

    but now a days it is really very tought to be approved for buysellads. puxee and adclays are the good alternative of buysell ads