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Entrepreneurs Guide to Brand Advertising

Long before people actually take out their wallets to buy something, they begin making their purchase decision. Through exposure to social media and mass media they become familiar with products and services that are consistent with their identity and lifestyle.

For example, someone interested in purchasing a motorcycle will become aware of brands like Kawasaki, Harley-Davidson, Suzuki and Yamaha. They will, over time, begin to choose the brand that is most consistent with their requirements. When it is time to buy...


A Gift for UK Entrepreneurs: The Secret of Selling Something You Love

Many of my articles and blogs are about the hard realities of starting a business. For example, you can't borrow your way to success. Loans, grants and outside investment won't help you buy a business model that works and they might well prevent you from ever acquiring one. Your business plan is probably less valuable than confetti, and most of the people who buy your products will do so for all the wrong reasons. But, in honor of the season, I have decided to write you something uplifting . . .


Featured Entrepreneur: Mohammed Jamal Cosmetic Chemist & Perfumer

What’s your name and background? Did you have a business before you started working with us? Or did you just have an idea of an enterprise you’d like to start.

My name is Mohammed Jamal and I am a Cosmetic Chemist and Perfumer. I am the current owner of a multi-generational business started by my father that used to be called “Jamal & Co”. I had renamed the company “House of Jamal” before starting School for Creative Startups, but with support...


Tech Entrepreneurs Week

I have often said that entrepreneurship can be taught and must be learnt, and I stand by that statement. Therefore I was delighted to hear that Tech Entrepreneurs Week is focusing on what is really important – education.

Founder and organizer of the event, Martin Warner, is an ambassador of the technology scene and an investor, so he understands how important it is that entrepreneurs develop their skills in all areas of business. Martin has created a technology focused event that...


5 WordPress Plugins for Startup Search Engine & Social Media Marketing

5 free WordPress plugins that will help you market your startup more quickly and cost effectively online. They will take most people under two hours to install and configure. The benefits will be apparent to most website owners within one day.


Handling Requests for Favors & Freebies in Social Situations

From Doctors to Architects, from Artists to Car Mechanics, everyone who provides services for a living has friends that ask for expensive favors and members of professional and personal networks that make saying “No” awkward.

If you find that business discussions in social situations routinely end up with you giving your services away free, the following advice will be useful.

You’ll find our suggestions particularly handy if you are just starting your business and many of your customers will necessarily come from...


FIVERR: What Can You Get Done for $5?

School for Startups frequently recommends entrepreneurs consider Elance and Guru when they need to hire skilled labor. Fiverr.comis another resource that entrepreneurs should consider when looking for labor to do odd jobs.

Fiverr lists hundreds of tasks, called “gigs”, that people are willing to do for $5. Some of the offers are silly but most are quite useful in the right context. For example, you can find professional voice actors who will record new audio clips based on your script, graphic...


What is a Social Enterprise? Not Another Word for Charity or Non-Profit . . .

Calling yourself a Social Entrepreneur is the latest, dare I say it, fad in business. Not that there aren't social entrepreneurs, and not that I don't truly admire them, because I do. In fact, I admire them so much that I hate to see the understanding of what they do watered down in any way.


Starting a Business: Why You Need to Get Very Good at Fast/Accurate Research

Starting and running a profitable business successfully really is a lot easier if you learn how to do research on customers and competitors quickly.

You need to identify and analyze your customers . . .

If you don’t do research on who buys what you sell (what makes them buy it, what advantage matters most, where folks make the decision to buy what you sell, where they actually plunk down the money, what emotion makes them buy) you end up wasting all...