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Marketing a Bed & Breakfast in the Off Season

Q: With a very short season in Bed & Breakfast how would you start in marketing the business?

A: Well, the truth is that people travel all the time and when they travel they need a place to stay, so it’s kind of confusing to say there’s a “short season” for Bed and Breakfasts. Where you find customers might vary a bit based on season, but I suspect there’s always customers to be had.

There are several marketing tactics that might...


Southampton Apprentice: First Lesson Learned . . . Look for the Easy Answer

James Pursey

Fish on Toast (  is  Southampton’s  entrepreneurial society, currently filming a reality TV show where first prize is to serve as a paid apprentice for Doug Richard here at School for Startups.  It’s a great show where a select crew of hard working students gets assigned business problems to solve and they compete to find the best answer.

In a recent episode the assigned task was to sell raffle tickets, and I ...


Southampton Entrepreneur Society Fish on Toast: James Pursey

In this interview, James Pursey, president of the Southampton entrepreneur society Fish on Toast answers questions about his organization and the Southampton Apprentice competition. You can find episodes from this reality TV series online at

What, exactly, is Fish on Toast and why is it called that?

Fish on Toast is the entrepreneurs society at Southampton. Our mission is to  engage students all across the University in enterprise through the mediums of guest speakers...


Supporting Charities During the Holidays is Good for Your Business and Good for the World

The UK has one of the highest rates of charitable giving in the world, and the winter holidays are when we give away the most.


Featured Entrepreneurs: Andrew Mulvenna & Chris Tanner of Brightpearl

Co-founders Andrew Mulvenna &  Chris Tanner have launched one of the UK’s hottest new startups, Brightpearl. This web service delivers a comprehensive solution for business management that even the smallest startups and small business can afford.

Chris Tanner

Can you describe all the solutions that Brightpearl brings to a business?

Brightpearl integrated business management software, provides a leading end-to-end web based solution for mid-market enterprises and corporations wanting to build solid foundations for business growth.

Brightpearl offers a sophisticated, easy to use...